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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

where are you? (a poem by me)

here's a poem i just decided to write a while ago cuz i was just sittin around thinkin...

tell me wat u think!


time again i've failed
failed to find the one
the one who would would always be there
the one to tell my secrets to
the one i could trust with anything
the one who would always make me laugh
the one who sees music the same beautiful way i do
the one that i would love forever
but i cannot find you
i long for you to be here
i long for you to hold me
i long for your touch
i long for your kiss
i long to see your face
i haven't met you
you have never held me
you have never touched me
you have never kissed me
and i have never seen your face
but i know i love you
i know your out there
but i cannot wait for you much longer
the ache in my heart has grown much to strong
if i live without you
the pain i feel may make my heart burst
i need you to put it back together again
to heal me with your touch
you kiss
your love
so please
hear my cry
i need to know who you are
i need to meet you
i need to see you
i need to hold you
i need to kiss you
i need to love you


sooo ya...