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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Give In

i think about you all the time.
i long for you.
i cannot get you out of my head.
your cold, cold feel.
beckoning to me.
do it.
do it.
do it.
I'm right here.
do it.
do it.
do it.
why do you do this to me?
why do you cause me all of this pain?
why do i still need you?
they said they would help.
they lied.
they lied to you.
so i go to you.
i hate you.
you're disgusting.
i need you.
i feel i need you to get through the pain.
i am not alone.
but i feel the loneliness all around me.
i am alive.
but i am not living.
i'm living a lie.
you'll get better.
no i won't.
you can control yourself.
no i can't.
you don't believe in me.
you never did.
but yet, i then come back to you.
your soft beckoning in my ear.
whispering the tones of rebellion.
do it.
do it now.
it's the only way.
they don't care about you.
do it.
do it now.
you plant lies in my head.
but yet i still believe
you are not a person.
yet you are alive.
you are dersire.
and i fear
i will

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