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Saturday, January 29, 2011

it's all alright

this isn't so bad
you know, in the grand scheme of things.
there's just the little things.
little things like you
and me
and how i just let it go.
but i didn't exactly just roll of your shoulders.
your wound has only just started to heal
while mine is just beginning to open
but it's all alright.
you're over it.
and i'm not.
and i don't know what to do.
but it's all alright.
its okay that i also have your burden on my shoulders.
never knowing when you'll hurt yourself.
when you'll pick up your blade.
never knowing how bad a mood you can get in.
never knowing when that mood will push you over the edge.
never knowing if i'll end up following in your path.
but i'm okay.
i'm okay worrying about what the future holds.
i'm okay worrying about you
and thinking about you all the time.
i'm okay with all that.
it's life that's killing me.

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