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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh, didn't see you there ~

that's it
this is just so...
it feels like nothing happened
it did
it really did
I have to keep saying it aloud
proving to myself that this is really real
I still can't believe it
it feels like I dreamed it
but I didn't
you were always there
even when I didn't see it
but why here?
why now?
was it spur of the moment?
had you been planning this for some time?
I personally believe it's neither
it just...
that's it
where do we go from here?
was it just a one-time thing?
will we really carry this through?
do you think we can?
I don't know.
but we can try
by God, we can try
if this isn't...
too awkward
it sorta feels like...
it shouldn't be
we've known eachother...
I know you
you know me
why does it feel like
I'm meeting you all over again?

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